Надежда Ариана (ariananadia) wrote,
Надежда Ариана

Художник Abraham Hunter.

Художник Abraham Hunter.


Wish I Could Fly

Spring At Last

Holland In Spring

Spring’s Promise

Springs Hope

Tulip Farm

Southern Charm

Summer Breeze

Best Friends

Bright Eyes

Mother And Son

Northern Whitetails

Craggy Gardens Bears

Joyful Meadow

At The Summit

Beary Romantic

Growing Up

Follow The Leader

Inlet Solitude

Evening Watch

Point Betsie Lighthouse

Atlantic Moonrise

Boston Harbor Sunset

Evening Harbor

Voyage Light

Before The Tide

Happy Home

A Place To Be Still

Fall Memories

Warmth Of Home

Old Glory

Tennessee River Sunset

Vibrant Morning

October Moonrise

October Moonrise

October Moonrise

October Moonrise

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Pumpkin Patch Bunnies

Trick Or Treat

Golden Glade

Forest Monarch

October Courtship

Cub Scouts

Triplet Trouble

November Light

The Food Thief

Three Amigos

Lakeside Rest

Into The Wind - Mallards and Pintails

Rocky Mountain Campsite

Snow King

Christmas Train

Cozy Evening

Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic

Winter Retreat

Holiday Trio

Winter Friends

Winter Friends

Snuggled In

Time To Hibernate

Bunny Hideout

Christmas Cuddles

Dashing Through The Snow

Under The Moonlight

Tags: Живопись, Животные, Пейзаж, Художники

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Я профессиональный художник, работаю в специальной технике остекления - с помощью слой за слоем масляной живописи, перламутровый, сусальное золото, золото и серебро порошка. В моей галерее представлены работы разных жанров: портрет, пейзаж, народные, архитектура, сказочные,…
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